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Polarix specializes in delivering GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions to individuals and companies with vehicles, personnel and assets on the field.
Our solution combines GPS with wireless communication technologies like GSM, CDMA and Satellite to deliver a unique tool for increased productivity and security.
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Why Us?

Polarix provides a complete solution, including hardware and services for Security and Transportation Companies. Polarix started in 1998 with the goal of becoming the leader provider of mobile assets management. Polarix delivers a  proven, secure, scalable and user friendly solution. Innovation and customer satisfaction  has always been our priority.
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    • Increase fleet efficiency.
    • Increase driver/operator performance
    • Reduce Insurance cost
    • Reduce unauthorized vehicle usage
    • Reduce fuel and maintenance cost
    • Reduce non-productive driving time
    • Reduce vehicle and inventory theft
    • Improve customer satisfaction
    • Increased Fleet and Workforce Security
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Polarnet targets a variety of industries including security providers, delivery, services, utility, police and fire departments and others. The spectrum of possible applications using Polarnet is practically unlimited. Our systems and solutions are currently installed in many different industries and vertical markets.

Polarix is committed to continuous innovation and R&D. Our goal is to deliver a State-of-The-Art product that takes advantages of new technologies in a user friendly application that allow users to maximize their ROI.
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Latest news

Integration with Dispatching Module.
Polarnet is now integrated with the new dispatching module. This module allows dispatchers to assign orders/incidents to vehicles, send those orders to the drivers using Mobile Data Terminals, and remotely follow the status of every assignment.
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