Cargo Tracker

Keeping Your Assets and Cargo Save 

Safeguarding Your Goods

Cargo theft continues to be a great threat to supply chains all over the world. Many companies are frustrated with the losses left by exceptions and limitations in the insurance plans. If you are experiencing these frustrations and additional operational expenses due to lost, or compromised shipment then you came to the right place..


By using our solutions you will discover that technology really can work for you. No more frustration.


Minimize your losses.
Offer additional security over your cargo.
Increase the chances of recovery of stolen goods.
Receive unusual activity alerts.
Escort your cargo while in transit.

Why us?

At Polarix we understand your frustration with the losses left by cargo theft. You are not alone, we have help hundreds of companies to minimize those losses protecting their cargo. Our Cargo Tracker offers additional security over your cargo and allows you to feel more protected and relax.    


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