Fuel Management

Take efficiency to another level

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Fuel Management Systems are used to maintain, control and monitor fuel consumption in transport businesses. Profitability can be affected by the cost of fuel, thus the importance to monitor the factors that affect your fleet’s fuel consumption. Companies that implement GPS Tracking Systems with integrated Fuel Management have seen up to a 25% saving in their fuel costs.


A Fuel Management System will help you identify and reduce fuel-related costs.

Invoice Tracking

Keep track of you purchases: Quantity, Location and Driver.

Track Mileage

Record your odometer reading at every purchase.

Weekly Usage

Calculate your weekly usage.

Idle Time

Monitor excesive idle time

Excessive Speed

Monitor driver behavior.

Unauthorized usage

Minimize unauthorized usage.

Best Practices

Fill Tanks

When refueling always fill the tank right up.
Make Sure there are not fuel leakages.

Driving Habits

Detect high consumers and compare their driving habits.

Plan Routes

Optimize your routes.
Detect excessive mileage and Idling.

Why us?

At Polarix we know that you don’t want to spend your time worrying about every single detail of your fleet operation. We know you need to have an overall picture of your operation and identify the areas that really require your attention. The problem is that most of the technological solutions available in the market present to you an overwhelming amount of data and fail to resume that data in a form that explain coherently what is happening.

That’s why we have develop ProntoTrack, a comprehensive fleet management tool, based in many years of experience working with clients like you, and delivering that peace of mind that you so deserve and allows you to concentrate in your core business.


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