TeenTrack Combo

No more worries! 

The statistics don’t lie 

There are 9 deaths per day for drivers age 15-19

3500 fatal teen crashes ages 15-19

350,000 teens treated at the ER after an injury accident

Teen Coach Solution

Never leave your loved ones alone, specially when they are more vulnerable.
Polarix have more than 20 years experience in vehicle tracking and security solutions based on GPS. We have help hundreds of families and companies become more secure. Our Teen Combo is the only solution in the market that monitors your teen's driving habits and at the same time detect danger when they are traveling as passengers in their friends' vehicle.

Detect reckless driving.
Coach your teen while driving.
Works 100% of the time
Can not be turned off

Evaluates teen’s driving habits
Monitor Location and Speed.

Report speed violations
Receive Instant notifications of unsafe driving.


TeenTrack Combo Is a GPS track system specifically designed for new drivers. It’s designed for teens and monitors both their vehicle and their mobile phone in one single system.

Easy Payment

Full two years of service with one single payment. Monthly option available

Unlimited Service

Receive unlimited alerts and location request

Easy Installation

Use our OBD harness and save in installation costs.



Per month

  • Hardware $59.00

One Year


Per year

  • Hardware Included
  • Second Year $132.00

Two Years


One time

  • Hardware Included


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