Cold Chain Logistics

Real-time temperature and location monitoring 

Safe Transport and Storage

The Internet of Things is changing the way the Cold Chain Industry is operating. The supply chains for long-distance food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and other perishable products are incorporating  new technologies. Bluetooth beacons, battery powered data loggers and real-time temperature sensors are just some of the solutions available today.


Increase efficiency

Receive important
temperature alerts

Reduce Insurance

Reduce operations cost

Reduce costs due to claims

Avoid potential problems

Cold Chain Control

Real time tracking that prevents waste and allows to take the corrective action in your supply chain, while you watch your clients level of satisfaction.

Why us?

Polarix provides a complete solution, including hardware and services for the cold chain sector, providing managers with real-time data to make smarter decisions and avoid problems.
Polarix started in 1998 with the goal of becoming the leader provider of mobile assets management.
Polarix delivers a proven, secure, scalable, and user-friendly solution. Innovation and customer satisfaction have always been our priority.


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